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The company BERING Time ApS was founded in 2008 by Danish business partners René Kaerskov, Michael Witt Johansen and Lars Gram – Skjonnemann. Inspired by the simple, rough and cool beauty of the Arctic and the vastness of the eternal ice, the idea arose to develop a watch brand, which is characterized by its simplicity and breathtaking beauty. Photograph Credits:  Jerzy Sawluk  / pixelio.de

Therefore, we introduce this brand to you and examine the different wrist watch models in terms of materials used, pricing and craftsmanship in our Bering Watches Review. We furthermore analyze Bering’s philosophy and their unique selling point.

Bering watches review: Collections for men and women

The Danish manufacturer Bering offers a wide range of men’s and women’s watches, which are divided into different collections. Each collection has a unique feature.

The wide range of rather simple watches resulted in Bering gaining a permanent place on the watch market in a short period of time. In the recent past the first Concept Store opened in Solvang, California where the extensive collections are presented. Besides, Bering Watches are an integral part of many a jewelers’ collection.

The watches for men and women are divided into the collections Ceramic, Classic, Solar and Titanium. Further men’s models are subdivided into the collections Radio and Automatic, while a Charity collection is available for the ladies.

Bering novelties for men

In the table below we have put together for you various men’s watches from Bering, that have been released recently. Look and see the exceptionally attractive design!

  • - 44%BERING Time 11741-727 Men's Titanium Collection Watch with Titanum Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.
  • - 30%BERING Time 11741-702 Men's Titanium Collection Watch with Titanum Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.
  • BERING Time Men's Classic Collection Watch with Mesh Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark. 11939-394
  • - 30%BERING Time Men's Ceramic Collection Watch with Chrome Link Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark. 32339-707

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Novelties for women: Bering’s ladies wrist watches

Of course Bering also offers new watch models for ladies. Innovative wrist watches are continously developed as part of their five collections Ceramic, Classic, Solar, Titanium and Charity. In our review we have selected a few models for you.

Bestsellers for men in the Bering watches review

Bering as a watch manufacturer is unique, in that they highlight their own Bestsellers regularly. Those are watches, which are frequently purchased by customers. As a result their demand is particularly high.

We have compiled for you the best-selling Bering men’s watches, which are shown below. These watches come from different Bering collections. Enjoy browsing!

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Wrist watch bestseller for women

Bering also publishes their watch bestsellers for women, which are particularly sought after and popular among the female customers.

We present you many different models in our overview, which all appeal to individual taste. Should you not be able to find a model to your liking, feel free to contact us. We ‘re here to help you and find what you want!

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Company History

Bering’s company history

The history of the brand Bering is unique. Unlike many other watch manufacturers Bering is a very young company. The story of its inception is impressive in and of itself.

Bering goes back to a skydive performed by the Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov in 2008. He went skydiving over the North Pole from a helicopter. Impressed by the swe-inspiring vista of the Arctic, he developed the vision of a wrist watch. One, that should represent the modest character of the landscape he had encountered.

Interestingly 2008 marked the 280th anniversary of the journey of Danish navigator Vitus Bering towards the Arctic Ocean. He passed through a strait that was later named after him – the Bering Strait – and discovered Alaska. Moreover, a time zone was also named after him – the Bering Time timezone.

Inspired by these two events, René Kaerskov and his two business partners founded Bering Watches. They decided that Bering Watches should be distinguished from other wrist watches by their puristic design, elegant appearance and breathtaking beauty combined with new production technologies.

Bering's philosophy

Bering’s philosophy

Let us highlight in this Bering Watch Review that this company doesn’t mind exploring new avenues: the overall design is rather minimalistic and integrated complications are the exception. Furthermore, Bering uses high-tech ceramics, which provide maximum rigidness despite their fragile appearance. Additionally these materials allow for the extremely slim design of all Bering Wrist Watches. Those two elements are at the heart of Bering’s unique approach to design and luxury and are therefore real highlights among luxury watches.

The use of high-tech ceramics has influenced the shape and visual appearance of Bering Watches. All models are

  • extremely scratch resistant,
  • very lightweight,
  • heat-resistant and
  • antiallergic.

In addition to this, Bering Watches have a very smooth surface – a so-called “smooth touch” effect.

Craftsmanship and features

Bering Watches Review: craftsmanship and features

However, this can only be achieved through the demanding and time-consuming manufacturing process of high-tech ceramics. Firstly, fine ceramic powder is pressed into a mold. Subsequently, this material gets compacted during the heating process in an oven at 1,600 degrees Celsius and thus gets cured. After a certain period of cooling the ceramics are ground, milled and polished. Due to the extreme hardness of these high-tech ceramics, only diamond tools are used during these processes.

Bering has advanced the processing procedure of ceramics over the years and thus came to be known as a ceramic specialist.

It is also worth mentioning that most Bering models feature a very flat design. These Slim Ceramic watches are characterized by a flat watch case and a flat ceramic lunette. The dial is protected by sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is crystal clear, scratch-resistant and especially hard to break. In addition to this, sapphire glass is particularly translucent, so that reading the time is very easy.

Bering Watches also feature pure and high-quality stainless steel (316L) for certain wrist watch parts. This particular steel is also used in medical equipment and has a long lifetime, classy look and is scratch-resistant.

Bering watches review conclusion

Bering Watches Review conclusion

In Bering Watches Review we presented the various peculiarities of Bering wrist watches. It is striking that Bering has found its place in the luxury watch segment by using high-quality materials (high-tech ceramic, stainless steel and sapphire crystal). Ultimately, Bering wrist watch models convince customers in respect of price, performance and comfort. Compared to other watch manufacturers, Bering boasts an excellent price-performance ratio, application of special technologies and innovative production procedures.

watchlodge.com assumes that Bering Watches will continue its successful path and we are looking forward to seeing new models with even more innovative efforts put into them.

In the Bering Watches Review we realized that Bering sets new standards in a world shaped by maximum performance and in a rather conservative market.

Bering wrist watches are excellent companions for those, who love wrist watches and those, who have particularly high demands for their watches. But who might that be? Extreme atheletes, businessmen or people who travel frequently are the target group of Bering Watches since their watches are often exposed to mechanical stress. As mentioned above the high-quality materials used in Bering Watches are very resistant.

Due to the low price and the first-class performance, these watches are highly recommended by watchlodge.com in our Bering Watches Review.


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