The Casio Edifice Bluetooth collection is defined by its namesake bluetooth controls. The modern and sporty men’s watch connects with a smartphone via radio technology and offers a large range of features. Photograph Credits: Sam Cheong / License: CC2.0

Solar technology and bluetooth: The Casio Edifice Bluetooth models convince with their state-of-the-art technologies and are in no way inferior to smart watches.

This is our third Casio Edifice review in short order – for a good reason! The high quality watches from Japanese electronics company’s Edifice convince with their innovative design and the integrated technologies speak for themselves. The latest Casio Edifice Bluetooth line consists of three different models in two to three variations

each. Besides previously mentioned Bluetooth function, these modern marvels are powered by environmental friendly solar technology. The energy of sunlight keeps the clockwork going and surplus energy is stored in an integrated battery.

Casio Edifice Bluetooth: Perfect blend of watch and smart phone

The chronographs are able to communicate with a smart phone via Bluetooth, which enables the exchange of important data. The Bluetooth connection activates with a push of button and the watch sets to the current, exact local time.

Furthermore, the link between watch and smart phone enables an entire slew of features. For example, it’s possible to display a second time on the watch. This is ideal for globetrotting or business-tripping men – no more missed appointments, conferences and phone calls when changing time zones.

A self-developed app – the Casio Watch+ App – allows the user to program different alarms as well as recurring or one-time events with an acoustic reminder.

The various Casio Edifice Bluetooth models are equipped with a differing number of programmable alarms. The EQB-500/510, for instance, allows one alarm to be set, whereas the ECB-500 remembers up to five events.

Additionally, the app allows the link of a timer from smart phone to watch. When the countdown timer on the smart phone runs out, the watch gives an acoustic signal.

Another technical highlight and lifesaver is the phone finder. Pushing the chronograph’s 4-o’clock button, will trigger an acoustic signal on the smart phone. Fast and easy phone-finding guaranteed.

The integration of solar technology into this modern and sporty chronograph for men complements the overall design. With “Tough Solar Technology”, the Casio Edifice Bluetooth models achieve a power reserve of up to 24 months. No more bothersome battery-changes thanks to the sun!

Always connected, always on – Casio Edifice Bluetooth
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Casio Edifice Bluetooth EQB-500D-1AER, EQB-500DC-1AER and EQB-500RBB-2AER

Casio presents three variations in the EQB-500 series. The men’s chronographs are offered in silver (EQB-500D-1AER), black (EQB-500DC-1AER) and the Casio Edifice Red Bull model comes with a black case and shimmering multi-colored bezel (EQB-500RBB-2AER).

Even if the models differ in their appearance, their inner workings are based on the same construction. The solar-powered watches have a quartz movement with an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month, making them very precise. The clockwork is protected by a scratch-proof mineral glass and sits firmly in a massive case with a bracelet, both made of stainless steel. These come in three different colors, depending on the model.

These timepieces aren’t ultra-complicated but indicate the following:

  • date and day of the weeks
  • speed display (the average speed of distances traveled can be measured!)
  • 12-hours storage
  • stopwatch with a capacity of 24 hours.

All variations of the chronograph have a black clock face with luminous hands and indexes, creating a nice contrast. Thanks to the “Neo Display Technology”, the time can be read even in complete darkness without the need of a prior light source.

Besides the above-mentioned features, the watches are also able to display the arrival of emails on their clock face with help of the Bluetooth connection.

With a simple push of a button the watch is set to flight mode, turning radio receiver and GPS off and putting the watch completely offline. This neat feature is great for frequent flyer and pilots. With dimensions of 52 x 48 x 14,1 mm (H x W x D), this chronograph is a on the heavier side, but can be worn comfortably around the wrist with a weight of 199 grams.

Overall, we think that the EQB-500 chronographs are a nice multifunctional tool for fashion-conscious men.

  • Casio EQB-500D-1AER Mens Edifice Black Silver Bluetooth Solar Powered Watch

These Chronographs are hip, multifunctional and rigid.
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Casio Edifice Bluetooth EQB-510-1AER and EQB-510DC-1AER

Both variations of the Casio Edifice Bluetooth EQB-510 Series differ in their color-scheme. The elegant chronographs are available in silver and black stainless steel. The watches have a similar range of features as the models described above:

  • stopwatch with a capacity of 24 hours,
  • display of date and day of the week,
  • second time zone,
  • Neo display with fluorescent hands and indexes,
  • daily alarm,
  • Bluetooth functions as described above,
  • airplane function and
  • automatic calendar.

Inside the chronograph’s rigid case of stainless steel sits a solid quartz mechanism with an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month. The clock face is protected by mineral glass. According to ISO 22810, the chronograph reaches a classification of water resistance of 10 bars (100 meters). So snorkeling and swimming are no problem.

With dimensions of 52 x 48,1 x 14,2 mm (H x W x D) this chronograph is a little heavier, but can be worn comfortably around the wrist with a weight of 199 grams.

Solid. Heavy. Elegant. Bluetooth EQB-Series.
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Casio Edifice Bluetooth ECB-500D-1AER and ECB-500DC-1AER

As mentioned before, the Casio Edifice Bluetooth ECB-500 model offers up to five individual alarms, announcing one-time or recurring events with a subtle notification sound. Thus, this chronograph is the ideal companion for regular appointments or a great reminder to take medications.

The integrated Super Illuminator feature illuminates the display, so all indicators can be read even in total darkness. Like all the other Casio Edifice Bluetooth models, model ECB-500 also has a solar-powered quartz mechanism and a neo display with fluorescent hands and indexes.

Additionally, this men’s watch offers a display of up to 29 different time zones with the world time feature and the stopwatch is, with an accuracy of 1/100 seconds, way more precise than other models. The measuring capacity is also 24 hours.

The key tones can be turned on or off if desired. The time on the digital display can be set to a 12 or 24 hours format. With the convenient charge control display it’s easy to keep an eye on the battery’s status and the current date of the automatic calendar.

The beautiful and polished wristband made of stainless steel is closed with a safety clasp, so the watch can’t accidentally open by itself.

With a classification of a 10 bars water resistance, this elegant chronograph is also ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Ideal companions for all lifestyles. Bluetooth ECB watches.
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Casio Edifice Bluetooth: Quality and Experience

Casio Edifice Bluetooth is an excellent combination of high quality and technical innovation for a very good cost-benefit ratio.

On the one hand, the integrated and very accurate quartz mechanism offers very high precision. On the other hand, the realized complications offer a high range of features, which are further expanded by the Bluetooth integration.

The result is a watch which created its own market and convinces with the top quality that Casio stands for. Due to the positive customer reviews on Amazon, the technical design and the high qualitative materials for a very fair price we can express a clear buying recommendation for all those, who are seeking a complex chronograph with great functions for a favorable price!


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Photograph Credits: Harish Suresh / license: CC2.0

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