Casio Edifice Review – Sophisticated Chronographs

Casio Edifice Chronographs are technical masterpieces available for a reasonable price. Therefore we consider different criteria in the Casio Edifice Review of the watch brand Casio and particularly analyze the product series Edifice.

We would like to advice you in the best way possible during your purchasing process. Besides the used materials and the in-build technology we examine especially the differences between the several Edifice collections in our Casio Edifice Review. Photograph Credits: Harish Suresh / license: CC2.0

Casio Edifice Review: The Collection

Casio was and is known as the first manufacturer of digital watches and also of calculators. The product range of the japanese company, which was founded in 1957, covers way more technical devices both for end clients and industry. Since about the year 2007 the company also produces classic analog watches, among them the Casio Edifice series.

The english word ‘Edifice’ can also be translated as building or structure, whereby the term structure most likely refers to the watches of the Edifice series. The Casio Edifice are mostly chronographs in classic design and also refer to ultramodern optics, with digital indicating elements purposely left out or integrated in a way that it approves as an appealing part of the watch.

The bracelet of this watch collection is made of high-grade steel. The only exception is  model EQS500, where the bracelet consists of resin (synthetic resin distinguished by high flexibility and high durability).

With one exception all the Casio Edifice are bay-mounted in round cases which emphasize the sportiness of the series.

In presentation the Casio Edifice series divides into the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Collection, the Premium Collection and the very extensive Classic Collection.

casio edifice review

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Infiniti Red Bull Racing Collection

As the name implies, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Collection is a series which arose from cooperation with the Red Bull Formula 1 Team. For several years unique Casio Red Bull chronographs are being featured in several model series within this collection, more information on this is provided in the Casio Edifice Red Bull article.

The specialties of these watches for men are – besides the Red Bull logo on the clock face – different complex functions and intricacies.

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Casio Edifice Bluetooth Collection

Ultramodern, modern-sporty and precise – the chronographs for men in the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Collection fulfill highest demands.

Thanks to the integrated bluetooth function you can connect these watches with your smart phone to use unique additions. Read more about this in the Casio Edifice Bluetooth article and plausibly inform yourself about the different models available!

Editorial recommendation in the Bluetooth Collection: Casio Edifice Bluetooth EQB-500

We would like to present to you our editorial recommendation of the Bluetooth collections in our Casio Edifice Review. All chronographs of this series have a very wide range of functions. For example the EQB-500 has not only the usual chronograph complications such as a stop function, but also contains Smartwatch elements. These include a Bluetooth connection to the smart phone, a phone finder, an e-mail indicator and a variety of other functions. The EQB is a wristwatch with a typical dial, however, designed excitingly beautiful.

Editorial recommendation

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Did you get a taste for the Casio Edifice Bluetooth wrist watch models?

Take a look at our Casio Edifice Bluetooth article

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Premium Collection

The Premium Collection of Casio Edifice includes 15 different models in total. It also contains chronographs in stainless steel cases with multi-functions. Equally to the Red Bull Collection the watches do not appear overloaded despite all possibilities. Primarily, the visual display of the time is prioritized. Further elements disclose themselves or show their usefulness over time like model  ERA-200DB, which acoustically displays up to five different alarms. In the following list you can find the cost-benefit winners of the Premium Collection.

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The Classic Collection

64 models are within the Classic Collection of the Casio Edifice series. Among them are really classic analog watches with hour, minute and second clock hands and a field of date. Of course also the classics of the Casio Edifice chronographs offer way more functions. Here you can also find the only watch of the series with a barrel case. In model EFA-120D digital components are harmonically combined with classic clock hands.

Buy Recommendation and Review Winner

The following overview lists different Casio Edifice models with the best cost-benefit ratio of the Classic Collection. As mentioned before, all models provide high functionality, great processing and the latest technology.

Conclusion of the Casio Edifice Review

Latest technology and newest functions placed in sporty and beautiful cases with classic elements. This is the Casio Edifice series. Perfect for those who are looking for a bridge to connect the accustomed look at the time with the future.

So we conclude about the Casio Edifice Review: The brand Casio and especially the models of the Edifice Collection offer wonderful luxury watches in a mid-range price segment, which exhibit high functionality and high-quality processing for a relatively reasonable price. Regarding the positive cost-benefit ratio a purchase is recommended!

We are convinced that high quality, which is achieved by in-built sophisticated technology such as solar technology and bluetooth, and the high quality quartz mechanism will ensure high sales for Casio in the range of the sporty chronographs for men in the future.

During the research we could already determine that customers were very satisfied with the models high accuracy, great technical functions (watch to smart phone connection) and haptic.

Casio Edifice chronographs are a good and especially inexpensive alternative compared to more expensive models of other well-known brands like TAG Heuer, Seiko, etc.

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