In 1959 Certina pioneered the development of modern sportwatches with their famou DS line. Founded in 1888 and today belonging to the Swatch group, Certina presents the Certina DS Action Diver Series. These watches run with a modified, precised ETA 2824-2 clockwork and have a very high power reserve of 80 hours.  Photograph Credits: Ian Myles / License: CC2.0

With a Certina DS Action Diver watch you can keep the overview above and under water. The innovative DS Technology provides a water resistance of up to 20 bars of pressure (200 meters).

The “DS” abbreviation stands for double safety. But actually there are not two but five features, making the Certina DS Action Diver watches particularly impact resistant and waterproof. The properly unobtrusive watch face is protected by a scratchproof, antireflective glass made of sapphire. It’s so clear that one might think it’s not even there.

A special sealing gasket in the case back, two additional gasket in the screwed crown and a sealing ring on the setting shaft prevent the ingress of water at high pressure.

Furthermore, the bottom of the case was strengthened to further increase the robustness and to equip the watches of this series with the highest standards.

As reliable companion for diving and snorkeling, this Certina DS Action Diver is an excellent support with its sophisticated technology and functionality. The DS action Diver stands out among the crowd of diver watches as a solid chronograph with a multitude of features.

Endurance Test for the Certina DS Action Diver

In order to meet standards, traditional Swiss watch manufacturer Certina puts their DS Action Diver watches to the proof and has them regularly tested in two of the strictest inspection procedures in existence. If a watch desires to be labeled “Swiss made” – which is displayed near six o’clock on the DS Action Diver’s face – there must be a high quality Swiss clockwork ticking inside.

Due to its accuracy and good calibration capabilities, Certina decided to use the ETA 2842-2 automatic movement in all their DS Action Diver watches. Certina increased the average power reserve of 38 hours to an impressive 80 hours – a feature noted in advertising brochures with the nondescript term “Powermatic 80”. The second test is based on the industrial standard DIN 6425. It is much stricter than common tests for most diver watches (for example DIN 8310). While the latter only determines the actual diving depth possible plus 25 percent safety buffer in a water tank, DIN 6425 requires a buffer of 125 percent.

Additionally, the readability in poor lighting conditions, the tensile strength of the wristband, the resistance against oxidation, and the mechanical resistance are put to the test. To withstand these tough procedures, Certina uses high-quality materials which can usually only be found in watches twice as expensive by Breitling or Omega.

For instance, type 316L stainless steel is used which is a boon for sensitive skin. Moreover, high quality sapphire glass with a Mohs hardness of 9 protects the watch face. Divers benefit from this in many ways – briny sea water can’t corrode the case and thanks to the leakage test according to DIN 6425 there’s no danger of water leaking into the watch. The strongly illuminated watch hands can be read even in considerably bad visibilities under water. Divers don’t want to waste time nor oxygen trying to study an overly detailed watch face. That’s why the Certina DS Action Diver positively restricts itself to what is necessary.

The entire DS Action Diver series includes nine models in total. Two of them have a navy blue watch face, making it a unique eye catcher. The DS Action Diver collection by Certina also includes models which are recognized as chronographs, offering different stop watch features. Currently there are three Certina DS Action Diver chronograph models.

Certina DS Action Diver Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch C013.427.11.051.00

Certina - Wristwatch, Analog automatico, Caucciu, Men

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Certina DS Action Diver Chronograph C013.427.17.051.00

This self-winding watch – available in three styles – has no battery but draws its energy from the arm’s movement or from the wind-up on the crown. The built-in ETA 2824-2 clockwork is a high-quality variety and has an accuracy of +/- 4 hours.

The chronographs are available with a black or blue watch face. Depending on the selected style, they come with a black and white rubber wristband or one made of pure stainless steel with a super secure folding clasp. The case, also made of stainless steel, has a diameter of 45 millimeters and is 15 millimeters in height.

This chronograph’s unique feature within the Certina DS Action Diver series is an additional small second hand and a minute counter, allowing a precise determination of diving and decompression time. Unfortunately though, other important diving-features like the calculation of bottom time or nitrox and a depth gauge are missing.

For snorkeling and diving in more shallow waters the Certina DS Action Diver chronograph cuts a fine figure. Divers who plunge into greater depths, should seek out one of the special models which includes the above-mentioned features.

  • Mans watch R.CERTINA DS ACTION AUT.200M CR.ESF.NG C0134271705100

One of three unique designs – Action Diver Chronograph
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Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.17.051.01 and C013.407.47.081.01

Serious scuba divers will find that the models C013.407.17.051.01 and C013.407.47.081.01 of the Certina DS Action Diver series are a better alternative to the chronograph mentioned above. These models lack the small watch faces (totalizers) typical for chronographs and the case of stainless steel is a little smaller, measuring 43 millimeters.

Primarily, both models differ in their watch case material. The Certina DS Action Diver model number C013.407.17.051.01 has a case made of stainless steel with a weight of 124 grams.

The watch C013.407.47.081.01 is also offered with a case made of titanium. This lightens the total weight to circa 80 grams. Otherwise the design is identical. Both types have a rubber wristband of 20 millimeters which harmonizes perfectly with the watch face’s colors (black or gray).

Like all Certina DS Action Diver, these watches are equipped with a left-turning bezel which can easily be handled with scuba gloves since it snaps in noticeably. Between the 4 and 5 o’clock position is a date indicator.

Due to the illuminated hands and clear indexes, the time can be read even under most difficult conditions. This is a benefit which shouldn’t be underestimated by divers!

    Slick chronographs, sleek design.
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    Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.11.051.00 and C013.407.44.081.00

    The Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.11.051.00 and C013.407.44.081.00 models with wristbands made of stainless steel and titanium are the counterparts to the previously mentioned models with rubber wristbands.
    The models also differ in the color-scheme of watch face and bezel. The Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.11.051.00 has a black watch face and a black ceramic bezel. The wristband and the case are additionally made of stainless steel, resulting in a weight of around 186 grams for this diving watch.
    Version C013.407.44.081.00 with titanium case, titanium wristband and gray ceramic bezel has a gray watch face. The usage of titanium also has a particularly positive effect on the weight: The Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.44.081.00 weighs just 121 grams, making it 30 % lighter than the stainless steel version. This results in a higher wear comfort.

    As a standard feature, these watches contain the standard or elaborate version of the automatic movement ETA 2824-2. According to the manufacturer, these clockworks have an accuracy between –5 and +30 seconds per day. Only the chronograph manages to achieve an slightly better average deviation of -4 and +6 seconds due to its superior clockwork.

    The display protected by scratchproof sapphire glass has no numerals, but clear indexes instead. Due to the well adjusted color contrasts of the watch face, the time can be read easily, even in bad lighting conditions. A typical aspect of the Certina DS Action Diver is the tilted date indicator between the 4 and 5 o’clock position.

      Certina proves durability and design.
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      Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.17.041.00 and C013.407.11.041.00

      Certina DS Action Diver C013.407.17.041.00 and C013.407.11.041.00 both draw attention due to their white-blue design. Upon first glance you’ll notice: these models are eye catchers! And of course, they also prove themselves worthy under water.

      The watch face and the wristband made of rubber are blue and white. Thanks to the good contrast, the watch face provides a very good readability. Illuminated hands and indexes are additionally supportive. Both, model C013.407.17.041.00 with rubber wristband and model C013.407.11.041.00 with stainless steel wristbands in a stainless steel case, are available.

      The manufacturer’s unique approach to appearance and design is particulary noteworthy. While other watch manufacturers just copy the successful Rolex Submariner, Certina managed to present something entirely special and new with the blue DS Action at the Baselworld 2013.

      However, technically the blue version doesn’t differ from the black watches of stainless steel or the brown variations made of titanium (see above). Within the 43 millimeter big case is a precise ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, providing nearly perfect accuracy.

      This timepiece underlines the individuality of a modern-day watch wearer.

        Inspired by the depths of the ocean.
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        Maintenace With Watch Winder

        One thing is particularly worth mentionin: All Certina DS Action Diver watches are equipped with modified automated movements of the well-known manufacturer ETA. Maintenance of such automatic movements is substantially different than the minimal upkeep of standard quartz clockworks, powered by battery.

        This is because the delicate interplay of the mechanical components in an automatic movement must be checked and calibrated regularly. As long as you wear your automatic watch around your wrist, there’s barely any need for care. The clockwork winds up itself by arm movements and thus provides an even movement of the watch.

        But for the time you can’t wear it (e.g. at night), you should fall back to a watch winder. These devices imitate the movement of the wrist and ensure the wind-up of the delicate automatic movement. This keeps the watch ticking and takes care of the delicate clockwork components and increases its lifetime.


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