With their Certina DS Podium Big Size Collection, manufacturer Certina shows once more how luxury is defined. Certina derives its name from the latin word “certus”, which means “safe” – and the name says it all. Their oversized watch collection is built upon premium technology – from case to clockwork. Photograph Credits: Klaphz / License: CC2.0

Certina’s recipe for success has three ingredients – but their DS technology is at the core of these watches. The abbreviation stands for “Double Security” and the concept dates back to the 1950s.

Back then, Certina looked for a ways to make watches more impact- and water-resistant. Wearing chronographs on a daily basis, means exposure to water and frequent impacts. To increase the crown’s resistance, Certina developed DS technology and secured the crown with a screw-cap. This has never been done before and their first prototypes marked a revolutionary breakthrough.

With a screwed crown and accordingly placed sealing gaskets, liquids couldn’t leak into the case anymore. At the same time, impacts didn’t directly affect the watch’s inside anymore. The clockwork was properly protected from rough conditions.

This “Double Security” has been used worldwide ever since and provides watches with a long-lasting durability.

Certina’s elaborate DS technology: Certina DS Podium Big Size

With each new development, Certina implemented new subtleties and continuously improved the collection. The standards they have reached today can be seen very impressively in their current Certina DS Podium Big Size collection.

The crown’s screw-cap is supported by two O-ring seals and another one protects the positioner. The case bottom is additionally reinforced and also tightly sealed. The security concept is topped off with sapphire glass shielding the watch face.

Overview of Certina DS Podium Big Size Collection’s Clockworks and Designs

Certina has been well-known for reliable clockworks for more than a century. The DS Podium Big Size series lives up to these expectations. At the heart of the watches lies a Swiss quartz movement that does justice to the manufacturer’s reputation. Additionally, ETA quartz movement are built in, since their high-frequency vibrations enable exact chronometry. Depending on the model, it’s either the ETA 251.264 CEN PreciDrive or the ETA G10.961 clockwork.

The individual models with their extra-large appearance, form a strikingly unique collection for men. The watch case has a significant size with a radiance of about 42 millimeters, making it an eye catcher. Every single case is made of stainless steel. This 316L steel is extremely weather-resistant, guaranteed through regular quality checks. Being not only stainless but antiallergenic, the wristbands can be comfortably worn by anybody. Bicolor-processed or gilded models are furthermore protected by a PVD procedure. The steel is treated with a special coating, increasing the watches’ lifetime even further.

All watch face come in pleasant color schemes with hight contrasts to increase readability.

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Certina DS Podium Big Size Chronograph Quartz – C001.639.16.057.01

This plain-black model made of stainless steel was released in 2011 as part of the collection and stands out with its distinctive design.

The round case measures a diameter of 42 millimeters and includes the approved DS principle. With a total weight of 100 grams, this chronograph is comparatively light and thus ensures a high wearing comfort – especially with its soft, black leather wristband. With a width of twelve milimeters and a folding clasp, it fits safely around the wrist.

The ETA G10.961 clockwork on a quartz basis scores with high accuracy and the protective sapphire glass. The chronograph’s features are activated at the touch of the button on the right sideof the case. The central second hand and also the totalizer on the 2 o’clock position with 60 minute and 12 hours counter can be controlled this way, serving as the exact time measurement.

Additional features are a date display at the 6 o’clock position and a totalizer with a second GMT time zone (24 hours) at the 10 o’clock position. So you will always keep an overview – even across two time zones! The watch is waterproof up to 100 meters. The watch face matches the overall blackness of this model, while the hands and digits are pure white – this contrast ensures a pleasant readability. Hands and indexes are illuminated.

  • Mans watch RELOJ CERTINA CAB.DS PODIUM CR. C0016391605701

Deep black design. Precise technology.
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Certina Watch For Men XL Chronograph Quartz – C001.639.17.057.00

Those seeking a Certina watch with a sporty touch will have to go no further than the DS Podium Big Size collection. The chronograph GMT C001.639.17.057.00 is as solid as its “brothers”, thanks to DS technology, sapphire glass and the strengthened case made of stainless steel. Due to the black PVD coating, the watch is of an even higher quality and durability.

With a diameter of 42 millimeters, this watch is a flyweight of just 90 grams. The black wristband made of rubber is significantly thicker and has a width of 22 millimeters.

Date display and totalizer for the second time zone are integrated into the chronograph’s analog watch face, powered with the ETA quartz movement G10.961. The chronograph’s stop watch is easily controlled with the buttons on the right side of the case. Those also activate the totalizer’s central second hand and the small hands for minutes and hours at the mark of the 2 o’clock position.

The watch can be worn in the shower or at when swimming since it’s waterproof up to 100 meters. People looking for a perfect blend of sport watch and functional technology will find an ideal companion with the Certina DS Podium Big Size – Chronograph GMT C001.639.17.057.

Pretty fly for a flyweight chronograph.
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Sapphire instead of mineral glass

If you think back to the first watches ever created, where window glass was used for the portable clocks, the watchmaking industry developed fairly quickly. People needed resistant glass, so the chronographs wouldn’t crack during every-day wear.

From the 1970s onwards, crystal glass was used. And this mineral glass is still in use today. It protects the watches and is relatively scratchproof. But the better alternative is sapphire glass. First, its crystal powder is heated up to more than 2,000 degree Celsius during manufacturing. The single molecules build firmer connections and form sapphire lumps. Those are then cut to size with precision tools. Sapphire glass is used since the 1980s, but is only available in luxury watches due to the cost-intensive process.

The Certina DS Podium Big Size collection doesn’t relinquish this high-end glass and therefore offers extremely resistant watches. The synthetic glass is scratchproof and doesn’t break at heavy impact, matching the DS principle just perfectly.

Conclusion of the Certina DS Podium Big Size Collection

The Certina watches of the DS Podium Big Size collection settle pricewise in a higher segment – for good reason! They convince as luxury watches for men, are extremely resistant and durable, thanks to the intelligent processing and perfected manufacturing.

At this point, the excellent quartz movement of renowned manufacturer ETA should be specifically highlighted. Precision and Swiss horology come to full fruition in these intricate mechanisms. The chronograph provices the perfectly amount of sophisticated technology.

With a large variety of elaborate designs, every watch lover will find their style within this collection.


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Photograph Credits: Klaphz / License: CC2.0

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