Ingersoll Watches Review

Ingersoll was founded in 1880 in the city of New York. Like this vibrant metropolis on the US East Coast, Ingersoll watches have global influence. The deciding factors when buying a luxury watch are materials, integrated technology and cost-benefit ratio. They decide whether the watch fulfills your expectations. Therefore, we closely consider all these aspects in this Ingersoll Watches Review, to assist you in your decision process in the best way possible. Image source: New York Skyline Background © Jerry Ferguson CC BY 2.0

Ingersoll Watch Models

Ingersoll offers a wide array of watches for him and for her. It is easy to get lost in their catalogue. Therefore, we’ll show you the most well-known and the most popular Ingersoll watch models. Of course this doesn’t mean that we don’t recommend other models of their lineup. However, the featured models are strongly recommended due to the great cost-benefit ratio.

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Ingersoll Watches Review – Materials

In this Ingersoll Watch Review we start off by taking a closer look at the materials. Most Ingersoll watches come with a high quality leather wristband with a folding clasp or a buckle. The Bison series however offers a metal wristband, which makes it look particularly high-end because of the silver colour. Moreover, high quality mineral glass is used to protect the sensitive clock face as well as the hands and clockwork. The mineral glass highly impact and scratch resistant. Furthermore the glass protects the watch from humidity. But we recommend not to expose the watches to water when swimming, showering or diving. The Ingersoll Sapphire Collection uses high quality sapphire glass. Therefore the watches of this series appear even more elegant.




All Ingersoll watches have a high quality mechanic clockwork at their core which is driven by kinetic energy. This automatism makes a power reserve of one to two days possible, depending on the model. To compensate for the accuracy of the clockwork, some models receive a tourbillon. This makes it possible to eliminate small errors in accuracy.


Our Recommendation

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Ingersoll Experiences

Watches from Ingersoll know how to delight – that is out of question. The unique characteristic is the open tourbillon, which is included in many models. The look has a very pretty  Vintage- or Retro-Touch. Customers generally give positive reviews and feedback on Amazon. Their look and accuracy are commonly lauded and said to be very well-made. Even if the Ingersoll watches are produced in China nowadays, these watches provide very delightful experiences.

The accuracy of the automatic watches also lies within an acceptable range. Different sources report that the clock loses about 3 to 5 seconds, and occasionally up to half a minute per day. The experiences with Ingersoll watches are consistently very positive. There is little negative feedback about quality:  watch hands might fall off or the watch cannot be set correctly. But because of buyer protection and full legal rights for warranty, these problems can be easily solved by returning or exchanging the watch. But like with all things in life: Make your own decision about the quality and have your very own Ingersoll experience. In any event, we wish you lots of fun!


Conclusion of our Ingersoll Watches Review

Ingersoll offers chronographs of high quality materials and intricate technology of an irresistible variety for a favourable cost-benefit ratio. There is great diversity in the Ingersoll catalogue and prices are generally very affordable – a good reason to get a watch for every occasion.

The Ingersoll Watch Review concludes: Ingersoll produces high quality watches for him and for her and therefore stands without a doubt within a series of prestigious luxury brands which should not be missing in any collection.


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