Invicta Watches Review – Bigger is better

In our Invicta Watches Review we present you a well-known watch brand, which is experiencing a renaissance since the early 1990s: the Invicta Watch Group.

An American investment companyrecognized the potential of the bankrupt brand in the early 1990s and secured the rights to produce affordable men’s and women’s watches. Eversince, Invicta watches are mainly produced for the US market: affordable alternatives to expensive luxury watches. Nevertheless, Invicta watches are of very good quality and buyers will get a lot of bang for their buck. Photograph Credits: Ulrich Spengler / pixelio.de

In recent history Invicta had great success with XXL watches. Invicta watches are elegant accessories for both men and women.

It is not the first time that an investment company took over a watch label, like it happened with Invicta. Our team recently discovered that basically the same occurred at Ingersoll Watches. Both Invicta and Ingersoll Watches were taken over by large investment firms.

A combination of viral marketing, business acumen and an established brand are the key factors for the increasing popularity of the Invicta Watch Group. Invicta as well as Ingersoll exemplify that the rekindling of an nearly defunct watch company can result in a second and very successful life in the international watches market. After all, there’s life in the old dog yet!

Invicta Watches Review: a Swiss made veteran

The Invicta Watch Company began production in 1837. The company was founded by Swiss watchmaker Raphael Picard in Lachaux-de-Fonds. In 1895, the company was awarded a gold medal at an exhibition in France for its high quality watches.

At that time Invicta produced mainly pocket watches, which were equipped with various complications like chronographs, calendar and moon phases.

From quartz crisis to a fresh start

Since the beginning of the last century Invicta produced wrist watches in various shapes and forms. Consequently, Invicta was renowned for a long time for unusual Swiss-Made Men’s watches, which were equipped with an automatic movement or a manual wind movement.

The quartz crisis proved that the family business was not immune to international crisis. Thus, sales decreased massively and production was stopped in the 1970s.

In 1991, the company was bought by an American investment company. The revived Invicta brand is now run by the Invicta Watch Group. Its headquarters is located in Hollywood in the state of Florida.

Invicta Watches Review – XXL watches for men

Since 2000 Invicta has been producing mainly oversized XXL watches for men. These watches feature a case diameter of more than 50 millimeters. That is quite a size that will draw attention to your wrist!

Since then, more than 30 watch collections were designed by Invicta, offering a wide variety of shapes and forms. The company focuses mainly on mechanical men’s watches. Modern automatic and manual winding movements are also in Invicta’s portfolio.

Highest quality standards in tradition of the company’s founder Picard are met in the manufacturing process. The almost limitless variety of men’s watches ensures that customers fin a watch  exactly to their liking. The striking design ensures that the wrist watch is always the center of attention.

Features of Invicta watches

One thing caught our eye very quickly, while writing the Invicta watches review: Invicta watches are often characterized by a rotating bezel with a minute scale. The matte stainless steel casing with a flank protection for the crown and a stainless steel bracelet are additional features.

The variety of models and collections appeal to different age groups and also have a very good price-performance ratio. It’s important to mention that Invicta watches are as trendy as always and convince customers with their excellent quality and unique design.

Men’s Collection: Invicta Pro Diver

Invicta’s Pro Diver watches come with a visual highlight: A a glass window in the back of the watch case exposes the automatic movement. Visually, the design of this wrist watch is very similar to the Rolex Submariner. Therefore, it is our favorite in the Invicta watches review.

The Invicta Pro Diver is a men’s wrist watch made of stainless steel. The face is kept in black or blue depending on the model. It has a very elegant appearance. Equipped with a rotating bezel and luminous hands, reading the time will not be a problem even in bad lighting. As an additional complication, the models of the Pro Diver Collection have a date display.

Generally speaking, Invicta’s Pro Diver collection is best known. Its models #8926 , #8932 and #3045 are very similar to the Rolex Submariner. The diver’s watches contain a Swiss quartz or automatic movement. They are waterproofed up to 20 bar and are suitable for both snorkeling and diving in shallow seas.

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Men’s Collection: Invicta Russian diver

The Russian Diver collection is a series of massive men’s watches with a refined and patented design, crown closure and a case diameter realized in XXL format. These massive watches were commissioned by the Russian Navy fleet in 1959.

The patented case design, makes this wrist watch an eye-catcher. Special highlights are the watches with a skeletonized watch face. Some Russian diver watches allow a stunning view right into the heart of the manual winding or automatic movement.

Men’s collection: Invicta Force Lefty

The Invicta Force Lefty collection was designed especially for left-handers. The crown and pushers of this chronograph  are on the left side. Models with stainless steel casings are available with various features. As an extra, these watches are fastened with  chic leather straps.

Men’s collection: Invicta Subaqua

The Invicta Subaqua collection consists of watches, which have a solid stainless steel case with an integrated Swiss movement and a colorful coating. These wrist watches, are  chronographs and usually have a strap made of silicone or plastic. In addition to the stop function, the Invicta Subaqua watches have a date display and are between 10 and 50 bar waterproofed.

The watch glass is of hardened crystal glass, which is known for its scratch resistance. Weighing about 400-500 grams and having a case diameter of 48-52 mm these watches are real chunks and eye-catcher.

Men’s collection: Invicta Speedway

The Invicta Speedway collection includes a series of chronographs in gold, silver and black. These watches have a sturdy stainless steel case and a bracelet made of the same material. A Japanese quartz movement labors precisely and tirelessly in the inside of the wrist watches. The case diameter is approximately between 40mm and 43mm. The height of the case is 11mm.

The Invicta Speedway models are strongly reminiscent of the Rolex Daytona and therefore, have the following complications:

  • Date display at half past four
  • 3 o’clock: 24 hour display
  • 6 o’clock: stop second
  • 9 o’clock: stop minute

The crown and pushers are screwed, the polished bezel is immovable. The watch glass consists of extremely resistant mineral glass.

Invicta watches review: wrist watches for ladies

Invicta women’s watches are timeless classics. Both their noble design and high-quality movements are outstanding. On an annual basis, the company creates new classy women’s watches. The beautiful chronographs convince female customers with their elegant design. That is why Invicta watches for women are extremely popular.

Women’s collection: Invicta Angel

The Ladies Chronograph Angel shows up in a silver or gold held design. The small dials have a particularly beautiful shape and are elaborately decorated. The writing “Angel” is located at the 12 o’clock position on the dial. A date display is installed as a complication. The models appear with either a steel or rubber strap depending on the model you chose.

The luminous hands allow you to tell the time even in unfavorable lighting conditions. In addition, these models between are waterproofed between 10 and 20 bar. Thus, the watch can be worn while snorkeling and swimming.

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Women’s collection: Invicta Lupah

The women’s collection of Invicta includes the series Invicta Lupah. These ladies wrist watches are sporty and elegant. The quality and well-made materials also ensure a long life.

The almost rectangular models represent a special characteristic and can be combined with leather straps in different colors. The quartz movement inside performs its duties reliably and includes – depending on the model – various complications.


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Invicta watches review: conclusion and experiences

Invicta watches are fine watches that are available starting at a very reasonable price. The quality of the models convinces. In particular, positive experiences can be made with models, in which the Japanese Miyota movement or an ETA movement is installed. Invicta watch models have a long service life and meet the demands of the customer.

The featured wrist watch models in our Invicta watches review are a choice that we have made ​​based on our own knowledge and experience. There are countless models on the market and there is something for every taste to be discovered.

What expectations shall one have?

On average, the price of an Invicta watch is approximately $100. It goes without saying that the quality of an Invicta watch does not match the quality of Rolex wrist watch model.

However, an Invicta watch provides a good and favorable alternative to expensive luxury watches! The latter has to be distributed at a much higher price because of the assembly of Swiss made movements of highest quality in professional and manual labor.

Being waterproofed, the different Invicta wrist watch models are suited for both snorkeling and swimming. Some Invicta watches are implemented as divers’ watches and offer a higher watertightness. The stainless steel bracelets are generally bound closely, so that annoying rattling does not occur.

Summing up, we are certain that Invicta watches offer a great price-performance ratio. Furthermore, we would like to mention in our Invicta watches review, that we are sure, Invicta will continue its successful way by designing a broad variety of beautiful wrist watch models for both women and men.

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