Skagen Watches Review

The young American-Danish company Skagen is producing low to medium-priced watches since the end of the 1980s. In our Skagen Watches Review we will introduce the brand’s unique selling points and special features. Photograph Credits: Astrid Götze-Happe / pixelio.de

The History of the Skagen Company

Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost city. The port city on the northern tip of Jutland is well-known  for fishing and attracts myriads of visitors from all over the world to its beaches every year. This place called Skagen gave the brand its name.

Skagen Designs is a Danish-American company. It was founded in 1989 by the Dane Henrik Jorst and his wife Charlotte in the town Reno in the U.S. state of Nevada. For professional reasons Jorst had to move from Denmark to the USA in 1986. He worked as the U.S. sales manager in the Danish Carlsberg brewery.

But in 1989 the Jorsts founded their own business. First they sold watches from various Danish watch manufacturers and designers. Starting in the 1990s they began to produce their own watches.

From 1991 onward the company of the Jorsts offered watches under the name of Skagen / Denmark. Soon thereafter, the company’s sales skyrocketed. The watches received awards and so began the expansion of the brand.

First stores opened in 1998 in Denmark. The company was also able to open business in other parts of Europe with ease. Stores in Germany and Great Britain followed soon after. This was a promising beginning offshore.

Skagen’s logo, which refers to North and Baltic Sea waves colliding at the coast of Skagen in Denmark, also aroused interest among experts in Asia and Australia. Therefore, the business set foot on the global market at that point.

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Current Development of the Brand

In 2012 the business was sold to the US-company Fossil, a well-known jewelry manufacturer. The Jorst couple continue to work as consultants for Fossil. There are not only watches for him and her within the product range of Skagen. Also included is exclusive leather ware like hand bags and belts. Very classy jewelry inspired by the expanse of the sea and beauty of nature are also components of Skagen’s Collection.

Beautiful necklaces and earrings made of stainless steel with glass pendants and pearls made of glass are successful examples for the Skagen look, which captivates by simplicity and modest design. But the Skagen brand’s watches for him and her are still the focal point of the business.

Features of the Skagen Watches

The Skagen Collection is largely characterized by functional, simple but high-end models in different styles.

The case of the Skagen watches are mostly made of high-end materials like titanium, aluminium and stainless steel. The watch cases have different shapes. The bracelets are made of high-end materials, e.g. leather, milanaise bands, link belts made of stainless steel and silicon. Also ceramic bands are offered , which are becoming increasingly popular. There will be a suitable watch for every taste and every style.

This Skagen Watch Review should also indicate the especially flat design. Besides extraordinary quality, this slim design is Skagen’s signature feature. Most watch cases are only 6 mm thin or elaborated even flatter, which gives them a particular sleek touch.

You can buy Skagen watches in numerous different variations and different price categories – there are analog watches, quartz watches, solar watches, chronographs, sports watches and multi-functional watches for sale.


Skagen Watches for Her

Very popular among women watches is stainless steel or ceramic in black or white. A large variety of different cases, bracelets and clock faces in best Danish designs are also offered.

Also gold or bicolor designs can be chosen. The watches for her are elaborated very flat and showcase individual style.

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Skagen Watches for Him

Skagen also offers a large variety of watches for men. Different diameters and shapes of the case don’t make the choice easy. The bracelets also come in every shape and form.

Functions like the display of date, week day, 24 hours and alarm are available for the sports watches. Among the men’s watches modest elegance dominates in colour and form. Watches for him and her are water resistant and antiallergenic.

Conclusion of the Skagen Watch Review

Skagen’s watches appeal particularly to men and women which are young or young at heart, who value sleek and clear design, discreet elegance and high quality. Fans of more classic watch models can also find something to their taste in the Skagen lineup – all watches posses a natural lightness in design and a casual elegance.

It is out of question that Skagen watches are always an eye-catcher. They have their own unique and prominent look which makes them perfect evey day companions for folks who value technologically high standards in daily life.

Price-conscious buyers receive a lot of value for the money – especially in the lower to medium price segment Skagen knows how to convince. In our Skagen Watch Review we therefore come to the conclusion, that Skagen scores high with an impressive cost-benefit ratio.

Those, who love a natural charisma, will most certainly be thrilled with a watch from Skagen.

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