slow Watch Review – German one-hand wrist watches conquer hearts all over the world

We are accustomed to the fact that watches have an hour and a minute hand at least and that the dial is divided into 12 hours. Additionally, most wrist watches have a second hand and often a date indicator and various horological complications. The young German watch brand slow watch* from Hamburg pursues a radically different approach with its luxury watches. In our slow watch review we shine a light on this particular peculiarity.

The slow watch is radically different from anything we are used to talking or writing about.

The dial of a slow watch is divided into 24 hours – that is novelty in and of itself! Furthermore, the slow watch does not have neither the second hand nor the minute hand. Each hour is divided into 4 sections on the dial. That means you can only exactly determine every quarter hour. The slow watch therefore has only one hand, which slowly creeps around the 24-hour dial. A very relaxed and leisure form of time display.

Who is behind slow watch?

The two brilliant minds behind the slow watch are called Christopher Nörskau and Corvin Lask.

Both are from Hamburg, GermanyIn a time in which new watch brands sprang up like mushrooms and the market was flooded by cheap Chinese products, they decided to enter the luxury watch market with their niche product. And the slow watch proved to be a huge success.

With the help of the Swiss company CPL design in Neuchâtel the two youngsters produced their own very first Swiss watch: the one-hand wrist watch “slow jo” was born and with it a completely new feeling of time. No more hassle, no stress – time is ticking in fact “slow”. This is because the two fastest hands were dismantled and the relatively slow hour hand remained.

To be slow means to me to live in the here and now. When I enjoy the moment so much, that I forget the time. For example, if I find myself talking to friends until 3 a.m. in the morning and I do not realize that it is already that late. And then suddenly I wonder where the time has gone. This is the moment I deliberately enjoy. Or when spring in Hamburg comes and the air changes from one moment to the other. Then I’ll just pause, take a deep breath and enjoy.” Corvin Lask

slow watch review corvin and chris
slow watch review drawing

slow watch review – a watch brand that works different

Swiss precision can be found inside every single slow watch. A Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT, which is manufactured by the Ronda AG in Lausen / Switzerland is at the core of each wrist watch.

Christopher Nörskau of Slow Watch recently said in an interview “Swiss-made was important to us. Because we did not want to besmirch our good idea with poor quality.”

And it is easy to see that this idea sells well: million dollar revenues in 2014 reflect the success story of the “slow jo” and sales numbers are still increasing! The successful story of the slow watch is pretty similar to that of the US brand MVMT watches: both companies are super successful start-ups with a USP, which leave the critics speechless!

slow watch review: wide variety of wrist watch models

We have listed some slow watch models for you below. We are certain that these wrist watches not only impress with their Swiss made quality but have much more to impress. It is also worth mentioning that these watches have a very good price-performance ratio. By combining a slow watch case with a distinct bracelet of which there are a great number to chose of, you can create your own style!

slow Jo models – 38MM

The slow Jo is slow’s first wrist watch model. There are 20 slow Jo single-hand watches with different bands. You can combine every single slow Jo with a watch band of your choice from the slow store. The distinctive case of the slow Jo measures 38 millimeters in width, and is therefore a size M.

slow Mo models – 34MM

The little brother of the slow Jo is the slow Mo. This single-hand watch features a stainless steal watch case of 34 millimeters in diameter. There are 12 different slow Mo models. As already mentioned above, you can combine various watch bands with each slow Mo model. You can choose from both leather and metal bands in slow’s store.

slow O models – the newest model

We present to you slow’s newest model: slow O. Unlike the aforementioned slow Jo and slow Mo collections, the slow O relies on round watch cases. The 15 slow O models have a watch case of 42 millimeters in diameter. They are equipped with bands, which measure 22 millimeters in width. You can combine up to 24 different watch bands made ​​of metal, leather, nylon or fabric with each slow O model, enabling you to discover your personal style!

Time measurement in a different way – the whole day at a glance

slow watch emphasizes that with its slow Jo, slow Mo and slow O watches  one has a new perception of time. By dividing the day into 24 hours, the slow watch provides a nice way to always have the day as a whole in view. Consequently, the slow watch has made it easier to plan one’s time and to maintain an overview over the hours of a day.

Abandoning the inexorably advancing second and minute hands decelerates and reduces stress. The feeling that one’s time is running out, is not reinforced by this watch. The slow watch is a watch that ensures peace and quietness and still offers accurate timekeeping with a precise Swiss movement. The fact that the watch has no second hand, does not mean that this wrist watch lacks accuracy. The opposite is the case. Each slow watch is manufactured in Switzerland and is equipped with a Swiss precision movement (Caliber Ronda 505.24H GMT), which leaves no wishes unfulfilled in terms of accuracy.

slow watch review slow jo 17
slow watch review slow jo 17

slow watch review: this watch fits matches every outfit!

The slow watch come in two different designs with two different sizes: one for slightly larger wrists, one for people with slightly smaller hands. The slow watch models are available in a variety of combinations of materials and colors. It is also worth mentioning that the slow watch models are all unisex models. That means, that both men and women can wear these wrist watches.

Although the basic design of the dial and the watch case is always the same, numerous different case colors and the wide range of available wristbands provide an enormous number of design options. The wristbands are available as classic metal bands, soft calfskin straps in many different colors as well as nylon straps and canvas straps. Do you want to find out more about the slow watch straps? You can find suitable straps at slow’s website*!

The watch case is made ​​of stainless steel and is available in silver, black and gold ,in gloss, matt and brushed – in combination with the many different straps, there is hardly a look that can not be crafted  this way.

By combining straps and watch cases, both lovers of the classic-modern style as well as vintage lovers or supporters of a military style will find their look.

slow watch review slow mo 06
slow watch review slow mo 06

What additional functions does the slow watch offer?

Unlike some watches that offer all sorts of additional functions (complications) such as date, moon phases, different time zones and the like, the slow watch follows a minimalistic approach: The watch tells the time. Up to a quarter of an hour. That’s it. Nothing more.

Any additional functions are sought in vain in the slow watch review. This watch is not meant to be played around with. It is a discreet companion, who unobtrusively ensures that the wearer has an overview about time – without feeling rushed by a second or minute hand.

slow watch strives to offer watches in the best possible quality at an affordable price. The watches are therefore entirely made in Switzerland. Even the heart of the slow watch – the movement – originates from Switzerland. In order to still be able to offer the watches at an affordable price, slow watch has dispensed with all intermediaries. Those intermediaries usually increase the price for conventional watches. The slow watch models are therefore exclusively available in direct sales and can be ordered directly from the factory online.

slow watch lifestyle

For whom is a slow watch suitable?

Summing up our slow watch review, we have to state that slow watch are watches that are certainly not for everyone. People, who want to plan their time up to the last minute and who search a watch with a visible accuracy of seconds, will not find their ideal companion with a slow watch.

Even people who can not get used to a 24-hour dial, are probably better off with a conventional watch. With its radically different designed dial and its entirely different philosophy the slow watch may encounter rejection among lovers of traditional watches.

A slow watch is a watch for individualists who are looking for a new approach to the subject “time”. It’s a wrist watch for people who want to slow down and regain control of their life. People, who live in the moment and who are not interested in every single second are the target group.

You have to be open to new ideas and willing to throw old ideas about time measurement overboard. However, anyone who gets involved with a slow watch, will make an interesting new experience and find out that a watch may actually change and influece the way we perceive our time.

If you let it, the slow watch can help you change your life. Because wearing a slow watch is a decision to live the way you really want to. And to focus on what really matters. If you look at life as a whole, you’re happier – I believe in that. You make room in your private life as a side effect you are likely to be more successful in your professional life. The slow watch is the first wrist watch that aims to create a better awareness of your whole day. Give it a try. Obviously your life won’t change overnight. But the slow watch reminds you every day of what should be important to you: That your day has 24 hours – which you should enjoy! Christopher Nörskau

The slow watch is available from $250 to $320 and can be ordered directly via the company’s website*.

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