TW Steel watch review


TW Steel watch review

The TW Steel brand qualifies as real trendsetter when it comes to so-called oversized watches. It was founded by Jordy Cobelens in 2005 in the Netherlands. By this time the oversized watches are fascinating people all over the world and lets every watch lover’s heart beat faster. TW Steel means ‘the watch in steel’ and alludes to the extraordinarily sturdy stainless steel case of the watches. High quality plays an important role for these watches in our TW Steel watch review.  Photograph Credits: zerfe /

History of the TW Steel Brand

The TW Steel company was founded in 2005 by Jordy Cobelens and his father Ton Cobelens. Ton designs special brand watches for airlines such as KLM or Martinair since the 1980s. Today celebrities like Valentino Rossi and his VR/46 company or David Coulthard cooperate with the popular watch manufacturer.

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From the Netherlands began the rapid triumph of quality watches through the fashion world. The first collection included ‘only’ four watches, and all of them became a bestseller relatively quickly. Since then numerous different models and versions were produced.

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TW Steel Watches for Him

The following overview shows some generic models of the TW Steel Collection. One of the most popular collections is „Canteen“ – but also „CEO“ and “ Grandeur Diver“ know how to convince with their unique look and feel:

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TW Steel Watches for Her

Do you think that flashy or XXL watches are not suitable on a female wrist? We don’t think that this is true. A TW Steel ladies watch may well contribute to a self-confident and fashionable look – even for Her. Some of the most popular models can be found here:

The TW Steel Philosophy

TW Steel Watch Review – popular worldwide

Currently TW Steel is considered one of the most significant watch brands worldwide. The great cost-benefit ratio and the unique style of the watches convince people of different generations. The manufacturer appeals especially those, who consider typical luxury watches too expensive and cheap alternatives as not pretty enough. The clarity of the designs and the entire appearance ensure high demands worldwide. Quality plays an important role for TW Steel and also the wearing comfort is particularly highlighted. The high-end clockwork inside is responsible for excitement among celebrities of the film, music and sport businesses, who also serve as promotional messenger, such as Emerson Fittipaldi, Kelly Rowland or Mick Doohan.
Every watch from TW Steel must therefore fulfill three principles:

  • the watch must possess the famous oversize,
  • the material must consist of fine stainless high quality steel and
  • every watch must uncompromisingly meet the Swiss manufacturing standard.

The noticeable size of the watches is part of the TW Steel Philosophy. They were purposely brought into being by Ton Cobelens as a statement. The watches should convey an exciting sense of life, which does not tolerate compromises!


Big Watches

TW Steel Watches – Time for Big Moments

You can show magnitude with TW Steel watches! The ultra-large displays of the watches are by now a trademark of the company. They are not only an absolute highlight, but also easy to read. Even people, who usually need glasses can fast and easily read the time on a TW Steel watch.

TW Steel produce their watches strictly to the norm of Swiss quality and is proud of the size. The leading slogan is not without reason: “big in oversized watches”. But not only the size makes the watch brand unique. Also the always successful colour combination of the bracelet combined with the clock case and even the clock hands with the clock face make the watches a real designer piece and emphasize the sporty touch. Most watches are kept in different brown or black tones, but also cream colours and white tones find a use. The colours are always combined with a dull or glossy stainless steel case.


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Technology and Functions

Only best materials and high quality clockworks are used for the unique watches for Her and for Him. The different series convince especially because of their absolutely high quality and unique designs. Sometimes round, sometimes rectangular, sometimes elegant or strong, in sporty or the popular casual looks, all the different accents are highly presentable and show an extreme individuality. Everyone who buys a TW Steel watch, also has rights to 2 years of warranty in case of defect of fabrication. Occurred damage of wrong usage or poor quality care is of course not included. The main aspects of the watches are design, quality, individuality, affordability and recognition value. On top of that most TW Steel watches are offered with different features depending on the model, as for example

  • a calendar function with date, month and/or date of day display,
  • 24 hours display,
  • display for power reserve and
  • stopwatch function.

Some models are also produced as chronographs. These are mostly automatic watches with power reserve up to 42 hours. Scratchproof mineral glass is used for the watch glass, which distinguishes itself by high durability. By the way, TW Steel brand watches are “waterproof”. The watch is however not suited to be taken into a pool. These watches are suitable for daily routines and are spray- and rain resistant.

Conclusion of the TW Steel watch review

For those, who are looking for a luxury design for a fair cost-benefit ratio, should take a closer look at the series of TW Steel. The watches do not only convince because of their high quality, but also because of their unique design and uncompromising size! says: Within the TW Steel watch review we can conclude, that the watches from TW Steel found their place in the luxury watches segment because of the inserted high quality material and the production according to Swiss manufacturing standards. TW Steel offers qualitative high-end watches for comparative affordable prices – this is a trend, which is momentarily beginning to develop at the luxury watch market. (Also see Bering Watches Review for example).

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